Shared SMTP domain between 2 hybrid Exchange environments

31 Mar

Initial situation

A shared SMTP domain between two hybrid Exchange environments, where no mailboxes are in the Office 365 tenant part.

The shared SMTP domain is

Company A mail-enabled objects (users and groups) has an addional smtp address

Company B mail-enabled objects (users and groups) has an addional smtp address Continue reading

contactSync released

25 Jul

box_slider_contactSyncSynchronize your Global Address List (GAL) as mailbox contacts in the same environment with the help of contactSync.

Mail-enabled On-premise Active Directory objects can be synced to Exchange mailboxes in the same forest, and mail-enabled Office365 objects can be synced to Exchange Online mailboxes in the same Office365 tenant.

contactSync supports Exchange 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and Exchange Online.

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How to change the syntax of the display Name with GALsync

29 Apr
You can change the display name during the import to your standard last name, first Name.

To modify the display Name Syntax you use the option “Build Properties” You can create values by concatenating other property values. Choose the property and select the option BUILD PROPERTIES.

In the textbox BUILD PROPERTIES, add a string, how the property value should be built.
Via the ADD PROPERTY button, you can choose which properties are used. For Example, you want to generate the property, DISPLAYNAME from the last name, and first name comma separated. Choose the property SN and the property GIVENNAME and insert a comma and space between them in the textbox BUILD PROPERTIES.
Please make sure that this rule is only valid for source objects, which are users and contacts, because groups have normally no givenname and surname (sn).
For more information please have a look into the GALsync manual