GALsync Versions – What’s new in version 3.0?

18 Jun

We developped version 3.0 to offer you a great new Graphical User Interface (GUI) with a much better look % feel.
As well we added some new cool features being requested by our customers and their “daily life” requirements.

GALsync GUI has totally been re-designed in Exchange 2007 design style. Enlarge Image
GALsync Wizards
Configuration is done by integrated wizards which walk you through each step in order to create a usable policy. Each configuration step is evaluated and its functionality will be indicated by colors. Enlarge Image
Enlarge Image
SMTP Transfer mode
SMTP and mailbox access is done only by MAPI connections. No Outlook client is required. During installation process MAPI functionality is added by using Redemption software library. GALsync runs fine on computers with or without Outlook or Exchange Tools installed. Enlarge Image
Object Picker for export policies
Searching your objects to sync you may use the new object picker or additionally an OU picker.
Enlarge Image
Modifying property values for import policies
Modifications to objects before importing can now handled by priority. Also you may work with regular expressions. Enlarge Image
Used extension attributes for import policies
You may now choose which property is used to store information for flagging import modifications or where the original dn of an object is stored. Enlarge Image
Multi-forest features for import policies
One mailbox for all policies
You may now receive directory information from multiple organizations via SMTP inone mailbox.
So you may configure a certain phrase that must be present in the subject line of received messages (with directory information of the other forest). GALsync will only read these messages. So you may take the same mailbox in another policy (using a different phrase). Enlarge Image
Create sub-OUs for every single sending domain
You can choose not to import all objects into one or different import OUs. Now GALsync can create sub-OUs depending on the original domain names. So you are able to create only one Import OU and GALsync will create for every received domain a sub-OU. Enlarge Image
Test your policies
Testing has fully been re-designed and indicates whether the main configuration works. Enlarge Image

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