Install Mail Utilities with Exchange 2010 RC

20 Aug

It works! We tested an installation of Mail Utilities on a machine with a newly installed Exchange 2010 RC.
Note: For a guided tour through all steps please download this document.
The specials are described in this blog with 3 steps:

One configuration has to be made manually, but we are sure that Exclaimer will automize this when Exchange 2010 is fully released.
All steps you have to configure manually, see below
In the last step of setup an error is indicated, saying that something could not be registered.
Evaluating the transport rules we discoverd that they were not present.
So: take a look at all Exclaimer transport rules in a working Exchange 2007 environment you will see all missing details.
Step 1
First of all register the required transport agents with these PowerShell commands:
Install-TransportAgent -Name ExclaimerSMTPAgent -AssemblyPath ‘c:\Program Files\Exclaimer Mail Utilities 2007\ExclaimerAdaptorExchange2007.dll’ – TransportAgentFactory ExclaimerAdaptorExchange2007.ExclaimerSMTPAgentFactory
Install-TransportAgent -Name ExclaimerRoutingAgent -AssemblyPath ‘c:\Program Files\Exclaimer Mail Utilities 2007\ExclaimerAdaptorExchange2007.dll’ – TransportAgentFactory ExclaimerAdaptorExchange2007.ExclaimerRoutingAgentFactory
Step 2
Activtae both agents:
Enable-TransportAgent ExclaimerSMTPAgent
Enable-TransportAgent ExclaimerRoutingAgent
Step 3
Restart TransportService
Stop-Service MSExchangeTransport
Start-Service MSExchangeTransport

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