GALsync Introduction – Part 1 :: The GUI

10 Sep

GALsync is written in C# using .NET Framework. The GUI is Outlook 2007 like. In this blog I describe how the most important features are represented in our Graphical User Interface (GUI).

If you want to synchronize data from your own Active Directory forest (or your Exchange messaging organization) you will define policies. Export policies represent a set of objects from Global Address List you want to share with another forest. Import policies represent a received set of objects from the other Exchange organization.
Top Level Tasks
At top level GALsync offers general configurations valid for all policies, a detailed error log (which we use also for support cases), and programs help documentation.
In the buttom line you see who is running the GUI, which accounts runs the executable scheduled sync and if the required Windows service is online.
Enlarge Image
GALsync Policy General
In this section a comment to a configured name for the policy can be provided. Additionally a policy might be enabled or disabled.
GALsync Policy Synchronization Mode
This section covers if the policy should be used to export data to or to import data from another forest.
GALsync Data Transfer Mode
With GALsync a set of data can be synchronized by using a file, an SMTP Mail attachment, a FTP server or a Windows folder share. DataTransferGUI.JPG
GALsync Data Transfer Details
If you want to transfer the data by using Email, some details are required.
GALsync Data Transfer Encryption
Optionally GALsync encrypts your data.
GALsync Directory
In this section all options are available to select the objects being exported or imported.
This is a quick demonstration of GALsync’s graphical user interface. Much more details are described in the following parts of this “GALsync Introduction” blog.

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