GALsync Introduction – Part 4 :: Directory Data

18 Sep

In this part I will tell you what objects from Active Directory may be synchronized between forests and how to chose them in GALsync’s directory tab.

What objects you can chose for sync?

GSMailboxEnabledUsers.JPG Synchronize Mailbox-Enabled Users
GSMailEnabledContacts.JPG Synchronize Mail-Enabled Contacts
GSMailEnabledGroups.JPG Synchronize Mail-Enabled Groups
GSMailEnabledPublicFolders.JPG Synchronize Mail-Enabled Public Folders

How can you chose the objects?
Select Organizational Units
One option is to select objects grouped in Organizational Units.

Another option allows a more granular selection of containers, groups, users and public folders.


How can you exclude certain objects in a choosed set?
1. configure a custom attribute / extention attribute to be used as GALsync exclusion attribute.
2. If you don not want a special object to be synchronized, insert the phrase “NoGALsync” into this object’s extention attribute.

What happens with objects hidden from Global Address Book?
If in source objects are hidden from GAL they will not be synchronized to the target.

Which objects are not synchronized?

  • Objects which are not mail-enabled can not be chosed for a GAL-synchronization.
  • Built-In system objects like the user “administrator” can not be chosed for a GAL-synchronization.

You might want to export only certain attributes of objects
In some environements commpynies do not want to share all information concerning a mail object with the other forest. GALsync gives you the opportunity to exclude the appropriate attributes from synchronization.

Prevent synchronization of objects if to many errors are indicated
In some circumstances it is recommended to “stop” sync if the required number of objects is not conatined in the export file. Example: You expect that 1000 objects are to be synced. If a scheduled export now runs into an error and the export file would only have 700 objects, these 700 objects would be transferred to the target forest and synced. But what happens with the missing other 300 objects? The target would assume that these 300 objects are not wanted to be synced any more and the target will remove these objects from the directory.


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