Press Release: GALsync Version 4 now with Free/Busy

12 Oct

Dueren, Germany  2009-10-12

NETsec announces a major release of its famous software GALsync for 15th of november. This release offers free/busy synchronization or so called InterOrg Free/Busy Replication between untrusted forests . . .

. . . between Exchange messaging organizations and replicates policy-based free/busy information from one company to another company.

Free/Busy Sync allows users to view free/busy calendar information for Microsoft Exchange contacts, which represent users from other Exchange organizations.

FreeBusy Cross Forests with GALsync does not require any trust between the organizations nor additional databases. It syncs Free/Busy info between trusted and/or untrusted Exchange Organizations.

Also, Galsync does not require any access to Availability Service through internet. All information can be exchanged by using E-Mail, FTP or Fileshares. 

Free/Busy sync works with Exchange 2003, 2007 and 2010 (and a mix of them). Schedule++ system public folders storing free/busy are required.

You do not require the Microsoft InterOrg Replication Tool nor a MIIS / GALsync 2010 or Microsoft Identity Integration Feature Pack (IIFP). You do not really have to spend much time in understanding the software or installing additional servers and so on.

Compared with its competitors, GALsync is quite cheap and sold by a small and flexible company, offering quick and precise modifications if required. NETsec as vendor of tools for Active Directory and Exchange is a market-leader synchronizing Free Busy and GAL.

A new feature in version 4 is a GUI which is based on Windows 7 and Exchange 2010 look & feel.



Summary: GALsync makes Global Address Lists (GAL) and Free/Busy synchronization between Exchange organizations easy. So Interorg Free/Busy sharing is possible between multiple Exchange versions.





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