GALsync Special – Part 5:: modify display name

28 Oct

galdis00.JPG When synchronizing mail objects between forests you might want to modify the display name in the target. This is sometimes required if in source display name is built by “<surname> <lastname>” but in target you need “<lastname>, <firstname>”. Or you want to present synchronized objects as “<lastname>, <firstname> [external]”.


Step 1:

When importing you can compose a  new display name. For example: surname, givenname



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Step 2:

Choose your import policy and select page “Directory” , then click button “Properties”



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Step 3:

Select “Property to modify” -> displayName, then select “Bulild from properties”.

Click the button “Add property”




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Step 4:

Now you can select the first property from which the property “displayName” should be built from. For example you want to build the display name like surname, givenname So select property “sn” and click “Apply”





Step 5:

Add comma and blank after the variable “%sn%” and click “Add property” to add the variable for the given name. Finally the string %sn%, %givenName% is composed.



Step 6:

If the building string is okay, click the button “add” to add the rule for building the display name.




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Step 7:

Now you can apply and this rule will build the display name from the properties surname, givenname.


If you would like to display all synchronized objects with a “[external]” string, you only need to use  the string “%sn%, %givenName% [external]”.



If there are any further questions do not hesitate to contact me or our support team.




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