Press Release: Synchronize Exchange Address Data And Calendar Entries

17 Nov

Galsync v4 With Extended Free/Busy Functions And New User Interfaces


Dueren, Germany, November 2009. The NETsec GmbH & Co. KG, supplier of productivity solutions for Active-Directory- and Exchange-Administrators, introduces the new version of Exchange-synchronization software Galsync on 15th November. Besides the synchronization of exchange address lists, Galsync v4 can now also synchronize the free-busy-information of contacts between various Exchange-Installations.

Specifically it means that Galsync outplays both the contact data and also free-busy-entries of a user from the Exchange-Organization A in the Installation B.

In order to import and export the address lists and calendar entries, no permanent connection should be there between the Exchange-Organisations. Even own Server is not necessary for Galsync v4. The data is exchanged by E-Mail, FTP or File-Sharing- not only between two, also between various exchange environments.

NETsec Galsync v4 is equipped with a new user interface, which is based upon the Look & Feel of Windows 7 and Exchange 2010, over the extension of core function. Galsync v4 works together with Exchange 2003, 2007 and 2010 or combinations from these versions.

Price wise Galsync v4 is way under the offers of the competitors as the preceding version. A licence can already be obtained from 500 Euro.


Galsync belongs to the most frequently applied solutions for the synchronization of Exchange address lists, since it not only offers functional users everything for the simple, friction free work of several Exchange organizations. Galsync v4 and the preceding versions are very simple to implement, without large project, expensive training, additional Hard- or Software. The solution is ready for application within fewer hours. The users can then select Exchange address data per mouse click, in order to export or import them in user-defined many exchange organizations.


The synchronization intervals can be determined arbitrarily, so that even quickly changing organizations can also work with Galsync v4. The data fields are translated, formatted and modified at the time of import and export. Thus even the synchronization of Exchange-Organizations is possible from various language areas.


Safety related Galsync is however completely equipped: the address data is transferred encoded; all synchronization processes are protocolled retraceable.


On customer request NETsec Galsync v4 adjusts to the respective requirements of the company.


Address lists and calendar entries of various Exchange organizations must always be synchronized only then, if company does not want to and cannot work with a single installation. This is typically the case, if companies are taken over or merged and the IT is not equally consolidate, organizations co-operate or the communication with partners and customers should be lightened, without having to integrate the IT-Systems.


Download GALsync v4 here



About NETsec


The NETsec GmbH & Co. KG, Düren, is a supplier of productivity tools and -services for the Administration of MS Exchange and MS Active Directory. solutions for the synchronization of global address lists of various exchange instances, archive- and documentation applications, anti-spam- and anti-virus software and many other utility programs for the Active Directory- und Exchange Administration are offered.


All solutions make the work of administrators and IT-departments simpler and more productive. They help the companies to reduce costs and at the same time to make IT more efficient and optimally useful for the co-workers.


In addition to product offer NETsec Company actively supports in case of administration of its IT. Numerous customers already trust NETsec over the normal product support with IT-Management-Services – from their experience new productivity tools arise now and then.


NETsec is Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

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