GALsync Special – Part 2 :: Free Busy (Update)

18 Sep

What happens behind the scenes when synchronizing free/busy data between multiple Exchange organizations using GALsync? When synchronizing different mail organizations GALsync reads the free/busy information of selected user objects in source and stores them in target as free/busy information related … Read More »

GALsync Introduction – Part 2 :: Topologies

18 Sep

Often a multi-forest environment is present after company take-overs without a strong need of migration into one forest. Trusts are not required in organizations with multiple Active Directories if you only want to share Global Address List (GAL). GALsync offers a simple Inter-Org Sync without trusts.

Disclaiming with Exchange 2010 vs. Exclaimer tools

5 Aug

For those, who want a quite simple disclaimer to be added at the bottom of email messages and don’t have many demands on design the use of Exchange 2010 means might be sufficient. However, any company is well-advised to take up the additional achievements of Signature Manager or/and Mail Utilities in case of keeping up a proper corporate identity in everyday emails enterprise-wide as well as in public. After all it is the client who decides what kind of emails he prefers.