Managing Mailbox Users on Different Exchange Versions

21 Dec

Do you like to manage your mailbox accounts by having different Active Directory groups for mailboxes on 2003, 2007 and 2010 servers?

We often have the following problem by our customers:

  • OWA Access should be available via a single URL, regardless if there are different Exchange Versions in the organization. Recently the following scenario seems to happen frequently, when one is in the transition phase between Exchange 2003, and/or 2007 to Exchange 2010. The URL call is routed over an ISA/TMG or a CISCO Netscaler, which then checks the group membership of the user to then forward him to the correct Exchange Server URL
  • The Organization would like to control various things, depending on which Exchange Server the user has its mailbox on.

To avoid manually adding users to Exchange Groups we developed a small tool which automates this process.


·         If a User has its mailbox on an Exchange 2003, add it to Group XXX.

·         If a User has its mailbox on an Exchange 2007, add it to Group YYY.

·         If a User has its mailbox on an Exchange 2010, add it to Group ZZZ.

·         Automatically Update the User if its mailbox is migrated.


So that the User can be removed from the Group both the Source and Target Groups must exist.

Software – SetGroupsXchgVersion.exe

The program automatically run in Test Mode. It will only run normally if in the config file <add key =”TestOnly” value=”false”/> is present.

To Log

SetGroupsXchgVersion.exe >> c:\log.txt


Note: if you want to test this tool, please contact us! We are more
than happy to support you.


Example Configuration File

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″ ?>

    <add key=”Exchange2003Group” value=”x-OWA_2003″/>

    <add key=”Exchange2007Group” value=”x-OWA_2007″/>

    <add key=”Exchange2010Group” value=”x-OWA_2010″/>

    <add key=”Path” value=”ou=users,ou=DE,DC=mybiz,DC=com”/>

    <add key =”TestOnly” value=”true”/>






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