Introducing NETsec GALsync version 4.2

20 Oct

Introducing GALsync 4.2

We are happy to announce a new Version of GALsync has been released. This new version contains many new and important features.

GALsync is an easy to use and cost effective solution that allows you to share Exchange mail-enabled objects between forests.

For details on the improvements, please see the list below:

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• Import and Export Policy Optimization

The import and export policies have improved and now offer much better performance.

• Expanded Import Options:

Special signs within MailNickname & LegacyExchangeDN for Exchange
2003 Server will be automatically replaced to support mixed Environments
of Exchange 2003/2007/2010.

values are: Strings of the form “/o=<word>” optionally followed
by “/ou=<word> ” optionally followed by one or more instances of
“/cn=<word>”. Each “<word>” is  at least one of uppercase
and lowercase letters, digits, a space, and anything from the following
group of characters: @!”%&'()*+,-.:<>?[]_{}| Property Name:

2. “Use MAPI rich text format (mAPIRecipient)” can now be used when executing an Import policy

this attribute you configure, if the recipient uses Outlook/Exchange
and instructs Exchange to send messages with an attachment
named WINMAIL.DA in RTF format. Select this option only if you are sure
what you are doing!

3. Attribute “PersonalTitle” synchronization support has been added.

The attribute defines the user’s
title. The attribute is NOT indexed in Active Directory and is not
transmitted to the Global Catalog.

4. User’s Manager Details can now be Exported and Imported.

In Active Directory you can
configure who the manager of a person is. If you want to export/import
this manager too, select this option.

5. Free/busy information for contacts can now also be synchronized

In earlier versions only free/busy
information of objects from type user were exported. Because some
customers requested also to export contacts free/busy informationwe
i9mplemented this feature. Export of contacts with free/busy may happen,
if you import with GALsync from multiple sites to a central site (star
topology) and then you export the information back to all others back.

6. The main SMPT address can now separately be handled from TargetAddress and Mail Address

In the list of values in attribute proxyaddresses the entry SMTP
spelled with capitals is the default reply address. Some customers want
to modify this value at import time using GALsync.

If an object has a value in its attribute targetaddress, the mail is
send directly to this address (which usually is external). GALsync
usually fills this attribute with the primary SMTP address of the source
object. Some customers want to modify this value at import time using
GALsync. This is often used during migrations.

The attribute mail comes with AD out
of the box (not through schema extensions by Exchange). It is generally
set by Exchange to the primary SMTP address. But you can fill the
attribute with a value different to the primary SMTP-address.

Note: In some Exchange versions the value of targetaddress is deleted/modified if you move the object to another OU!

GALsync deactivates automatical stamping of addresses set by address policies.

• Other Improvements:

Auto Purging of Sent Mails in the GALsyncArchiv folder. By default this
option is turned off. The recommended number of days is 30.

Because the mailbox of the GALsync
service account may become too large after a while you can configure
that “archived” outgoing or incoming messages will be deleted by GALsync
automatically. So you do not need an Outlook rule or somewhat like an
export-mailbox command.

2. Added an object counter to export policy

With object counter you can estimate the amount of objects a policy would affect. So you can determine your license needs.

3.  GALsync installer and Scheduler Service has been improved and redesigned.

4. New and improved advanced logging has been added.

5. Added the ability to export and Import of policy configuration and logging files

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