Enterprise Permission Reporter controls, documents and reviews all your file system permissions

30 Apr


  • EPR (Enterprise Permission Reporter) is our NTFS permissions reporting solution.
  • EPR will assist you to meet all challenges you may face regarding regulatory compliances such as HIPAA, FDA, PCI or SOX.
  • EPR lets your control, document and review all your file system permissions with ease.

The new version of EPR has several enhanced features compared to the old version and has been completely redesigned.

Generate Just-In-Time or Scheduled based Reports for your File system

  • Includes EVERY Permission set to the folders
  • Breaks down every access to user level, including nested Groups

Generate Just-In-Time or schedule based reports on the changes between two certain reports

  • Scheduled delta reports enables you to report permission changes within a week, month, or any other timespan

Store your Reports in

  • XML – Data will be stored in Excel-Friendly XML Files on your File system
  • SQL – Data will be stored in any SQL Server in your Network


EPR Structure

The Main Element in EPR is the Report Definition. This element describes what should be reported, where it should be stored, and what should be send. A Report Definition may also contain several Reports (One Report equals one Run of the Definition) and many Delta Definitions.

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