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16 Jul

Vorschaubild für Vorschaubild für eprlogo.jpgAfter downloading the installation file, open the *msi-Installer. If you make an update, the directory \program files\NETsec\epr will be checked.The existing data are transferred, so you can continue to work with your pre-defined reports. If the directory does not exist, it will be created.

Furthermore, the directory \Users\<username>\AppData\Local\NETsec is checked by existence. Here are the personalized configuration configuration settings. If no data are available, the directory is created.

With the installation of EPR a new Windows service is provided and immediately started in the context of local user. 


1. The service account

EPR signals at the first boot after installation with a notice that the service account must be configured:



In the initial runs, the EPR service account logs on in the name of local system. This account has but (hopefully) in your AD do not have rights to the reports you want to define more soon. we recommend that you create a special service account (eg EPRSRV) in AD. Enter the account in the EPR configuration.

On the machine running on the GUI, the service account must be a member of the local Administrators group.


In the Information bar, you get the information about who is currently logged on whether the EPR service is started and the service account. 


2. Entering the License

The trial version is in the title bar indicated that the performance of file system reports, and included more than 100 reports of Active Directory objects. The Watcher Membership runs for 10 days.

The license file can be activated by Options -> About -> Add License.


3.The basic settings

So you do not report back on any need to define the connection data to the database or the new mail subscription data, you can configure in the top node of the TAB program, storage, and notification settings as a template. Each report definition, you can accept or change the settings.



  • Specify here, to delete after how many days the log files EPR. These lie in the installation directory under epr \logger.
  • Because the internal modules of the Software communicate about a TCP/IP Port, you can change the standart port in another parameter , if you use another tools which needs the configurated port.


ATTENTION: Please remember to save the settings with SAVE!



Configure the Storage tab, where the user data to be stored. We strongly recommend the use of a database. Use the File option to quickly test the software. Each report definition, you can accept or change the settings.

After the address of the SQL Server instance specified (in this case Samsung PC \ SQLExpress) test

  • availability to access the SQL server by clicking Test Connection
  • the existence of a database with the name EPR by clicking on Test Database


If the Database does not exist, she will be created automatically by clicking Create Database.

By default, access to the SQL Server is made in name of local service account. However, you can also access a SQL Server logging on SQL Authenticate.

In the current version of the data on the SQL Server are stored securely. In the next release, an additional option “Maintanance” will be available, which allows you to configure the storage times.

ATTENTION: Please remember to save the settings with SAVE!




Configure in the tab Notification, whether and to whom you want to send the resulting data and who should receive information about the execution of a report. The latter is likely to be an employee of

IT, the former (department) responsible for data accuracy. Each report definition, you can accept or change the settings. 

Vorschaubild für EPRMW04.PNG


The SMTP server must be able to accept your data package. For internal mail servers please ask if the server accepts anonymous logins counter. Otherwise, select External SMTP – this option allows you to authenticate data transferred.


Since the Data attached Security reports (not the summary) may be very large and this can not be allowed on all mail servers, you can determine the maximum size of messages. If these are exceeded, the recipient receives a message that it is not for this reason the data can be delivered. The default value is 5 MB.


By clicking the Test button to the addressees are sent test mails, you should check that they are receiving.

ATTENTION: Please remember to save the settings with SAVE!

4. Upgrades

Users of versions prior to v3.5 EPR must uninstall the previous version completely. Since the data structures have been redefined, previous reports can not be accepted. If you this is not possible, the new version can also be installed on another computer and other SQL Server.


Take an uninstall of software to make the Control Panel. The report data is all still present, only the necessary program files will be replaced.

5. Complete Uninstall

In the "normal" uninstall the service and the registry entries will be removed. Remove to uninstall the software, the directory \ windows \ NETsec \ epr and \ Users \ <username> \ AppData \ Local \ NETsec \ <* epr *> if you want to remove all report data and configurations from the computer.

6.Informations to the Architecture of EPR

  • The file system reports and the delta reports can be automated via a scheduler or the GUI on the RUN button triggered.
  • The Active Directory Reports, and the delta reports can be automated via a scheduler or the GUI on the RUN button triggered.
  • The Watcher Membership runs automatically in the configured time interval.


In the example image you can see that the service runs under the appropriate account, the GUI is started by someone else. 

Vorschaubild für EPRTasks.PNG

Note: If you test the software, then let the software enough time to query the data. For example, you should expect from a new report on the Definition Membership Watcher with a "First-time-schedule" about 10 minutes. Only after the configuration values ​​are taken into account.


For Questions, please contact our Sales-oriented or technical support team at your disposal. 



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