Mailscape Press Release – Bodek and Rhodes

7 Jul

The VP of Business Development was impressed with Mailscape®’s simplicity. Gerber states: “What’s nice about this tool is that it’s simple enough that management can use it just as easily as the IT team can. It also helped disseminate information across all levels of our company. With MaiIscape®, our sales team is now much more efficient and productive with their email communications.”

Configuring Free Busy information between Exchange organizations

2 Jul

Microsoft offers some tools or build-in-features to make free/busy available. Basically GALsync does “synchronize objects” between forests. It takes users, contacts and groups from Forest A and creates contacts in Forest B. This is the basic requirement if you want to make free/busy information available between forests. GALysync works well in trusted and untrusted environments.

ILM 2007 and GALsync

1 Jul

To have GAL in sync between forests GALsync is a good and flexible solution but offers no complex identity management features if this is required.
Getting GAL in sync between forests ILM 2007 may be a good solution but needs a lot of preparation. Also there must be a direct connection between the data sources, which often is unwanted by companies due to firewall restrictions.