Federated Sharing – how to configure and troubleshoot Free/Busy between Organizations

22 Jul
The following links contain additional information about how to configure federated sharing between organizations: http://johanveldhuis.nl/en/exchange-federation-deel-i/ http://johanveldhuis.nl/en/exchange-federation-deel-ii/   For any kind issues with federated sharing  the following links could be of help: http://johanveldhuis.nl/en/troubleshooting-federared-sharing/ http://johanveldhuis.nl/en/troubleshooting-federated-sharing-deel-ii/ http://johanveldhuis.nl/en/troubleshooting-federated-sharing-deel-iii/  ...
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Troubleshooting Cross Forest Delegation

3 Mar
Setting up a untrusted  cross-forest environment supports a simple Free/Busy query between two the forests using „galsynced“ contacts.  This feature I described in article  Cross-Forest Free/Busy without Federation and its corresponding troubleshooting guide. In this article I want to share some experiences with troubleshooting the...
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Cross-Forest Free/Busy without Federation

30 Nov
We want to supply GAL between 2 untrusted Active Directory forests with Exchange organizations. This we will perform with NETsec's GALsync software. Additionally we want to share Free/Busy information without configuring a Microsoft Federation (using the MS Federation Gateway). We...
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ENow Management System 4.7 Provides Updated Exchange Monitoring and Reporting Features

28 Jun
 Corona, CA – June 28, 2012 ENow, a Microsoft Independent Software Vendor specializing in the development of software to simplify Microsoft system management, announced the release of ENow Management System 4.7, the award-winning product suite for Exchange, Active Directory, and...
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